Privacy Policy

Welcome to Incognito Pvt. Ltd.!

You can use our services in a variety of ways to share and access information about yourself and others in a friendly virtual atmosphere. You also get to communicate with people all over the world over any topic that interests you and gain knowledge about what people think, feel and do anonymously. We offer you a wide range of avatars that you can get as you are assigned tags related to your own personality by strangers.

You get to maintain your identity without revealing any personal information except that needed to establish authenticity for registration! We collect information from that which you provide us and from your use of our services. The information you share may also come up in search engines like google etc. At every stage of interaction, we shall seek your consent to display information to other users.

We also ensure that your privacy and security is our topmost concern and provide you with ways to store and retrieve that information when you register with us. You are welcome to change your details at any point of time.

For legal purposes, we would request you to maintain a decorum and not use offensive language of any sort. We maintain a right to deny access in case of frequent complaints.

Our Privacy Policy is subjected to change from time to time. We will however not reduce your rights without explicit consent. The changes shall be updated on this page as and when required. A prior notice shall be given in case of changes and a copy shall be sent to your registered account for the same.

Due to technical glitches or maintenance, you might experience temporary restriction to our site, in which case you might experience certain problems in accessing certain features or any part of the website. We reserve the right to suspend or discontinue services in such cases. However we shall appreciate your patience and support during such times.

If you have any suggestions or queries especially for our technical team, feel free to contact us.

At your service always,

The team !